Low life - a view from the second basses

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Rehearsing Carmina Burana in New Hall

'After the earthquake, a fire' and some surprisingly tall second altos...

We're rehearsing Elijah at the moment, before our joint performance with the Newcastle Bach Choir and the London Mozart Players in Winchester Cathedral. I haven't sung it before: really great stuff and very sight-readable, but as usual the combination of notes whizzing by, tiny Novello text and bobbing and weaving to see Andy, our conductor, through the sea of apparently extruded altos, makes it all slightly more challenging. And rehearsing the choruses without the interstitial arias makes it quite a sing.

Of course, we have some in our B2 gang who have sung it many times before (in some cases under surprisingly great conductors), but for me it's great to be discovering such a work for the first time. I'm not sure I've ever heard a piece of Mendelssohn I didn't like. And it will be quite a contrast with next term's Bernstein.

Should be fun singing with another choir too, and it gives us a great excuse for a return match at the Sage later in the year. A Geordie homecoming for at least two Wayns basses.

Our Elijah concert takes place on Saturday 30 March

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