To Autumn - rehearsal aids

To Autumn - rehearsal aids

A set of MIDI files have been produced to help us learn the new work for the Gala Concert. In the following list, find the section you want to study and click on your voice part. The music of that section should then play in your web browser or in a different application - depending on how your system is configured. If the file does not play, look for the MIDI file in your Downloads folder and see if you can launch it from there.

Each recording has been generated mechanically and contains all the vocal parts with a strong emphasis on one of the voices. If you spot any significant errors, please report them via the contact form

(Note: The recordings are in MIDI format and the sound quality depends on your computer system and how it is set up. MIDI files may not be supported on mobile devices.)

If you're using a Mac computer, you may need to install Apple's Quicktime 7, which gives basic playback of MIDI files. You can download this for free from: Quicktime 7 apparently doesn't work if you have the very latest version of the Mac operating system ("Catalina"), in which case you can visit the App Store and download MIDIPlayer X. This comes with some extra features, like being able to speed up and slow down -- good value at £1.99. (Other players are also available).

Note (28 Feb 2020): where necessary, these files have been updated in line with the final version of the score. In particular, several lines previously given to the 1st tenors have been moved to the 2nd altos.

Please send any comments or questions about these rehearsal aids to Sandy Lawrie via the contact form